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Mar 09

Checking Out: From The Top

What Happens During a Check Out? Leaving a rented property can be an exciting time, moving on to new possibilities. It can also be sad, leaving behind the scene of all those good times. But it is always an anxious time, for landlord and tenant alike.  Will the property be as it was at the …

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Mar 06

Preparing Your Property To Be Let

 So, you want to rent out a property for the first time. I won’t pretend to be able to lead you through all of the legalities of Right to Rent etc, but I have seen a lot of properties and have a good idea of what issues can occur. From cleaning to insurances, gardens to …

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Jul 07

We are now members of The PRS

  As members of the AIIC we are now also members of the PRS, one of the three consumer redress schemes authorised by the Department for Communities and Local Government and National Trading Standards Institute, whose role it is to provide fair and reasonable resolutions to disputes between members of the public and property agents …

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Mar 21

Landlords: a good inventory could save you money

The latest TDS stats show that there has been a steep 25% rise in tenancy deposit disputes, with one-third of agents making claims. This is a worrying trend for agents and landlords alike. So, what gives you the best chance of winning or, better still, avoiding, a deposit dispute? In order to reduce any bias …

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Mar 09

Why employ an Independent Inventory Clerk?

For landlord and tenant alike a comprehensive Inventory is an invaluable document. But why should you consider hiring an independent clerk rather than drawing up one yourself? Carried out at the start of the tenancy an Inventory should detail the current state of the property at Check In, providing a clear guide as to how …

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Feb 25

Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines

As of April this year, new rules will permit a tax deduction for the cost of replacement furniture, for example. But the Association of Taxation Technicians says that the current draft legislation is still open to confusion and misreading https://www.lettingagenttoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2016/2/hmrc-must-help-over-new-wear-and-tear-allowance-says-tax-body  

Feb 25

Energy Information for Tenants

A recent report concludes that landlords, local authorities and energy companies need to better co-ordinate their efforts to identify vulnerable tenants who will most benefit from energy efficiency improvements. To tackle the problem the All Party Parliamentary Group for the private rented sector is calling for incentives for landlords to implement energy efficiency improvements through …

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Feb 16

Blind Safety Regulations 2014

Do your internal blinds meet the 2014 Blind Safety regulations? The AIIC advise that “…as of 1st October 2014 all pull cords for all blinds (whether old or newly fitted) must be 1 ½ meters from the floor to avoid posing a health and safety issue. Any blind that has cords that form a loop …

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Feb 09

Smoke Detectors and CO Alarms

These are now mandatory in every rental property in England: Smoke Detectors – required to be installed on every floor in the hallway, landing or corridor, even if these areas only lead to a bathroom as this is classed as a habitable area. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms – these need to be installed in every …

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Feb 01

Is Your Deposit Held Correctly?

Do you know if your landlord is holding your deposit in a secure scheme? Are you a landlord? Do you have all deposits held correctly?   Are £514m Worth of Tenant Deposits Unprotected?  

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