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Feb 11

How To Rent update

The government updated the How To Rent booklet in January this year. Link to government website here I was asked if this means that all tenants should be given a copy of this, after all page 2 does include the sentence “Your landlord must provide you with a copy of  this booklet, so use the …

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Jan 26

Let’s Talk About Lights

The Problem of Light Bulbs Somehow the simple light bulb causes a lot of issues for tenant and landlord alike. I often get asked “Who is responsible for making sure that the light bulbs in a rented property are working?” The answer is as simple as: Between tenancies the landlord should make sure that all …

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Mar 06

Preparing Your Property To Be Let

 So, you want to rent out a property for the first time. I won’t pretend to be able to lead you through all of the legalities of Right to Rent etc, but I have seen a lot of properties and have a good idea of what issues can occur. From cleaning to insurances, gardens to …

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