Mar 09

Why employ an Independent Inventory Clerk?

STEF-COOKE-LOGOFor landlord and tenant alike a comprehensive Inventory is an invaluable document. But why should you consider hiring an independent clerk rather than drawing up one yourself?

Carried out at the start of the tenancy an Inventory should detail the current state of the property at Check In, providing a clear guide as to how the property should be returned at the end of the tenancy. It should also define the terms used in the report that describe the condition or cleanliness of items in the property. It must be clear enough for anyone to understand on first reading.

Landlords: A thorough Check In/Out process is the easiest way for you and your tenant to avoid any possible deposit disputes. If you also have a mid term or Interim Inspection then both you and your tenants will be best placed to correct any issues prior to the end of a tenancy. For you an independentally drawn up Inventory will:

  • Provide an unbiased and fully detailed description of the fixtures and fittings of your property, including any furnishing, also fire labels, blind safety, smoke alarms and CO alarms (where appropriate)
  • Help ensure that your property is returned in a good condition at the end of a tenancy
  • Help avoid a deposit dispute by providing you and your tenant with advice as to what is Fair Wear and Tear
  • Give you access to an independent expert who is abreast of any changes in legislation and can provide advice on how to meet them

Tenants: You need to check the detail of the Inventory as soon as possible. If anything needs to be added or amended you should contact your landlord/letting agent as soon as possible, usually within 7 days. Be sure that you sign the inventory when you have agreed its contents. For you an independentally drawn up Inventory will:

  • Help maximise your chance of having your deposit returned in full as it provides an unbiased description of the current condition of a property
  • Provide you with a clear idea of what to consider when you leave a property
  • Make sure you don’t have a deposit deduction for something you could avoided
  • Give you access to an independent expert who can offer tips and advice on how to maintain a property and retain your deposit with minimal deductions

In the event of a deposit dispute an Independent Inventory Clerk can be asked to give evidence to an Adjudication Process.