How To Rent update

The government updated the How To Rent booklet in January this year.

Link to government website here

I was asked if this means that all tenants should be given a copy of this, after all page 2 does include the sentence “Your landlord must provide you with a copy of  this booklet, so use the checklist and keep it safe to protect yourself from problems at every stage”. The tenant who asked me was wondering if her landlord had broken the rules by not giving her the new version.

PRS_Logo_high-smallI had no idea, so I did a bit of research. Happily the Property Redress Scheme have issued some clear guidance on this so I have been able to reassure the tenant that her landlord does not need to issue her with every update. What landlords must do is issue the most recent version of Right to Rent to all new tenants and to any existing tenants at renewal of a tenancy.

You can read their advice here