Apr 21

Property Scam Awareness Week




April 24th to 28th

Anthony Gold Solicitors and website Property Tribes are running a property fraud awareness week. The aim is to promote public awareness of how to avoid being a victim of property-related fraud.

They will highlight scams including the  ‘sellers’ who do not own the property; agents taking deposits for non-existent tenancies; rent-to-rent and sub-letting scams; and massive returns being promised for investments in property that will never materialise.

To see videos, articles and case histories go to the Property Tribes website http://www.propertytribes.com

The schedule is as below:

Monday: Psychology of scams, with David Wedgwood

Tuesday: Property investment and mentoring scams, with Clifford Tibber

Wednesday: Rent to Rent scams, with David Smith

Thursday: Identity theft scams, with Beth Holden

Friday: Lettings agent scams, with David Smith.