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Since the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme in April 2007 all deposits for assured shorthold tenancies must be registered with an approved scheme. If a dispute occurs between a landlord and tenant regarding the return of the deposit the scheme will hold back the deposit until the dispute has been resolved.


An independent Inventory Report is a complete and comprehensive record of the contents and condition of every room in a property, including the garden. We include all fixtures, fittings, decor, and in the case of furnished properties, a full account of all furniture, ornaments, kitchen appliances, etc. Any marks, chips, or damage is included next to each description, so that the tenant is not responsible for any damage already caused.

The inventory is a comprehensive description of the fabric of the building and includes:

  • Doors and fittings;
  • ceilings;
  • light fittings;
  • walls;
  • windows;
  • woodwork;
  • heating;

The Inventory will also include, where relevant, any fittings in the property, white goods, and furniture. Gardens and outbuildings are also described. The Inventory provides a clear written picture of the property and will include the condition, defects and the level of cleanliness.

The Inventory forms the basis of the Check Out report and both documents may be relied upon if there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy.

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Check In

We aim to meet the tenant at the property on the day of handover with copies of the previously prepared Inventory. At Check In we will walk the tenant, or their representative, through the Inventory Report taking care to explain it, to answer any questions they may have and to ensure that any changes since the Inventory was made are noted.

Once the Check In is completed we will complete a schedule of condition and cleanliness of the property, take the utility meter readings and list the keys that are being handed over. The Tenant, and Landlord if present, then signs the Check In declaration. This provides a mutually agreed report on the state and condition of the property, giving peace of mind for both tenant and landlord. We also explain to the tenant that they have 7 days to note any further issues they may come across whilst living and using the property.

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Check Out

A Check Out report takes place at the end of tenancy. Using the signed copy of the Inventory with its Check In notes, we will annotate any variations on the Check Out report. We will look for damages, cleanliness, missing items or note down any items left at the property which did not appear on the inventory, as disposing of these could incur costs for the Landlord.

This Check Out report will detail any differences to the condition of the property and indicate whether the differences need to be made good, are a result of fair wear & tear, need to be cleaned or are a result of maintenance issues. New photographs are taken of every room and of any items damaged. When the tenant is present for the Check Out, we will highlight any areas that may affect the return of their deposit

The Check Out report provides both the Tenant and Landlord a clear basis from which to negotiate any further costs which may be incurred following a tenancy.  The Check Out inventory may be key during any dispute regarding deposit protection.

We will complete a Check Out Declaration, take a forwarding address, record final meter readings, take the keys and return them to the instructing principle. Finally, we make sure the property is secure before we leave.

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Interim Inspection

We perform periodic Interim Inspections for managed properties, ensuring that landlords and managing agents are aware immediately of any potential problems. Interim Inspections are normally arranged directly with the tenant in case they wish to be present.

An Interim Inspection is not a full check out of a property as we are sensitive to the fact that tenants are living in the property. Personal possessions will not be moved and we will only comment on the level of cleanliness or tidiness if there is a potential health and safety hazard which may cause damage to the building or neighbouring properties.

We will look for areas that could be a cause for concern, such as mould, mildew, leaks, insect/ pest infestation, overcrowding, pets being kept, or smoking in the property. We will also ask tenants if they are aware of any maintenance issues that may not be immediately obvious, such  as intermittent problems with heating or white goods.

We may also give advice to tenants on how they can remedy certain things before they become a bigger issue for example; replacing bulbs, keeping a distance between walls and furniture to prevent mildew, ventilating a property, etc.

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