Feb 25

Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines

As of April this year, new rules will permit a tax deduction for the cost of replacement furniture, for example. But the Association ofHMRC-logo400x310 Taxation Technicians says that the current draft legislation is still open to confusion and misreading



Feb 25

Energy Information for Tenants

A recent report concludes that landlords, local authorities and energy companies need to better co-ordinate their efforts to identify vulnerable tenants who will most benefit from energy efficiency improvements.

To tackle the problem the All Party Parliamentary Group for the private rented sector is calling for inEnergyLightbulb-400x310centives for landlords to implement energy efficiency improvements through being able to offset costs against rental income.


Feb 16

Blind Safety Regulations 2014

Do your internal blinds meet the 2014 Blind Safety regulations?

The AIIC advise that “…as of 1st October 2014 all pull cords for all blinds (whether old or newly fitted) must be 1 ½ meters from the floor to avoid posing a health and safety issue. Any blind that has cords that form a loop must have either a small safety bracket or cleat hook on the wall to enable the cords to be secured/taut, with no ‘give’ to pose a possible choking problem.”

Wall cleat Blind safety

Given that most people tie up the dangling ends of the cords on blinds it makes sense to add a small cleat to all windows that have blinds. Screwed into the wall at 1.5 metres up from the floor, small wall cleats are a cheap, and sometimes colourfully cheerful, way to meet the regulations. They are simple to fix too.

For more detail the BBSA has a leaflet click here

Feb 09

Smoke Detectors and CO Alarms

These are now mandatory in every rental property in England:

  • Smoke Detectors – required to be installed on every floor in the hallway, landing or corridor, even if these areas only lead to a bathroom as this is classed as a habitable area.
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms – these need to be installed in every room where there is a solid fuel burning appliance, such as a coal burning stove or wood burning fire.
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Alarms – The regulations do not (yet) cover the installation of these which would protect tenants from the dangers of common fuels such as gas and oil.

The English regulations state that the alarms must be tested at the start of every tenancy. In Scotland the rules state that they must be powered by a battery that will last the life of the alarm (5-7 years) but they do not have to be tested for each tenancy.

Feb 01

Is Your Deposit Held Correctly?

Do you know if your landlord is holding your deposit in a secure scheme?

Are you a landlord? Do you have all deposits held correctly?


Are £514m Worth of Tenant Deposits Unprotected?


Feb 01

Right to Rent scheme rolls out nationally

Were you aware of this new legislation? Do you know how it could affect you? Landlord News has a closer look


Right To Rent rolls out nationally TODAY


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